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Mega is devoted to producing the highest quality drinking water possible

In 2008, Sabzchin Pars Company with the support of 30 years of entrepreneurship and production experience, obtained the necessary permits in the field of safe drinking water with the aim of improving the health status of drinking water in society and creating jobs. The company registered the "Mega" brand in cooperation with Iran's best food industry engineers. With the consultation of major European drinking water purification equipment companies and the use of the best sanitary raw materials with food-grade and international standards, The first phase of producing 250 cc drinking water bottles began.

High standards High quality

Due to the population growth and the increasing scarcity of Iran's water resources, the need to provide safe drinking water with moderate solutes for our country is felt more than ever. And therefore, Since the beginning of its establishment, a completely hygienic environment was provided in compliance with ISO standards. The quality control laboratory was equipped to continuously monitor the production performance and warehouse sample reviews. Sabzchin guarantees the high quality of the raw materials and the balance of minerals in all of its packaged water products. The main belief of our colleagues in this production unit is based on "a healthy society, is the axis of sustainable development" and we believe that the health of the people in society will be ensured when all components of the society pay closer attention to the quality of the products they consume. Mega natural drinking water with moderate solutes and the best taste can definitely guarantee people's daily health and vitality.


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